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Some entries are friends-locked now but they don't really contain anything special besides some private thoughts and perhaps fangirling posts. I don't exactly have anything special here, the journal is mostly about my RL and some about my interests/fandom.

However, I welcome you to add me but only please leave a comment about:

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Random adds are scary and I won't add you back if I don't know who you are. Simple and sweet will do, so no worries about what to comment. ^^
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Hello world. 

It's been a while and I've yet to fulfill my 'dream' of revamping this place and utilizing it as much as I wish to. As usual, life is speeding by and dragging me along with it -- as if I'm being tied to the back of a bullet train. I'm not sure if I can stop it or if the train will ever reach a station for a 5 minute break but sometimes I think I'm the one who just don't make the stop and do the stuff I say I wanna but 'can't do in the end'. 

Either way -- it's hard to believe that it's 2012, turning 23 soon, working, and a whole lot of other descriptions. It's come to the point where I wonder if this was how I envisioned my life to be 10 or even 5 years ago. But then again, I was (and still am) a dreamer then. And -- I ponder often anyways. A ponder and a dreamer. 

What do I wanna do? The quote "Live every day as if it's your last" or something along the lines of "Would you proud of where you are today 5 years later" -- if today is my last, then no, I don't think I told my family and close friends enough of how much I love them and how thankful I am for them. If it's 5 years later, then...maybe. I think what I'm doing now is cool and I've met many and various cool people too. But I prolly just haven't done what I really wanna do yet. 

It's surreal whenever I read stories from other places, the suffering, the loss, the empty ones and yet here I am, under a strong roof, behind stronger walls and on a comfy (but slightly squeaky) chair, typing this on one of the most expensive laptops out there -- pondering about life. Ironic. And of course, I have to thank God for this life, despite the troubles and despite some mean people out there -- what I face is nothing compared to those. Nothing at all. In fact, my life is almost like a princess compared to theirs. And I don't mean this in a insensitive way, but rather, a very thankful heart though often I forget this huge fact.

And so then I wonder, who is truly happy in this world? Is any one person happy and content at all somewhere on this planet? 
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Working towards a new beginning

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Hola! 晴れ

My last post メモ said something along the lines of "OMG I'VE BEEN WORKING FOR THREE MONTHS?! THERE!?". ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ

Yeah. 汗

By now, technically it's already 8 months. クラッカー How time has flown by, without even giving me the capacity to stop and watch it go pass me. 叫び

But enough of that. 得意げ A couple of days ago, I suddenly remembered about my old (read: unfinished) story and so I went back and skimmed through it. (ノДT) And I've been browsing at some of the tags too. o(TωT )

Many things have happened in my life and like I said, with no time to even realize and remember the prominence of it. ダウン

It's the 1st of December - 30 more days to the end of 2011 クラッカー and to the beginning of 2012 クラッカー. For the past year, I've taken on various projectsひらめき電球 , amplified my interests ラブラブ or simply diverting my attention to other stuff 地下鉄. And so my life is as messy as my work table ロボット and while I kinda feel comfortable with it that way, I do wanna clean up and get things organized to pave way for the future. アップ

Kinda like how the time I spent days re-arranging the files in my two big hard drives. ( ̄_ ̄ i)

So I have until the end of the month to revamp, re-style, and re-prioritize. currynana@LJ is gonna come back to life - I hope. アップ



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3 Months!

I keep having these moments when I'll go, "Hey I should go update my blogビックリマーク" and I'll be drafting it in my head but once I get the time or even to the パソコン comp - DASH! POOF.  DASH!

"What did I wanna talk about again ah?" あせる

Signs of aging, perhaps? (`(エ)´)ノ_彡

So today marks the end of my 3rd month at my first official job in life - web writer for Seventeen Magazine Malaysia. 爆弾 I'm not sure how to put it. "End of 3rd month"? "The 3rd month?" "Beginning of my 4th month"?

Aih, basically I've been doing this for 3 months! Yay.

I honestly wonder if 2011 is like my most exciting year 晴れ since I was born. I thought interning at a production house was already the peak of my "Wow' chart - in terms of a working life ビル . But now, this might just top it! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Since joining, the most wonderful thing was interviewing David Choi thru Skype voice call パソコン , meeting him アップアップ , getting a hug from him 叫び 恋の矢, getting his autograph 恋の矢, taking a photo with him カメラ, being in the first row at his showcase...キラキラキラキラキラキラ

*breathes* DASH!

The next great thing - off the top of my head at the moment - is of course meeting David Archuleta にひひ. As I had stressed with my editor, I'm really NOT a fan of Archie but I don't dislike him either. Heh. ( ̄∇ ̄+)

I've also appeared in the mag.チョキ

My "What's After SPM" story is finally published in that book クラッカー - or rather, that whole book of compiled stories is finally printed and ready for sale. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

For my birthday, I got a few close friends together to have dinner with and they surprised me with a really delicious cake ケーキ. And for some reason, I cried しょぼん - I hate crying in front of people 女の子男の子男の子 so...IDK why it happened. And during lunch 時計 , Chel and a colleague of mine took me out for lunch where we left the restaurant after eating and they insisted they didn't pay お金 - but I srsly can't believe that.

For some reason, my friends decided it was NOT risky to use me in their hobby photoshoot as their model. o(〃^▽^〃)o

They took me to Lookout Point for dinner where coincidentally there were fireworks 星空  in the city and I could see it from our dinner spot! アップ

There are a million other things that I've felt really overwhelmed with. Every week, there'll be at least one moment where I would stop and wonder how I got to where I am now. ショック! Firstly, I suppose I have to thank God. It's all in His plan, and I believe that. 晴れ

I'm excited for another project that I wanna do. :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: I have another goal - which we kinda had last year - but now that we're all in the same place, I'm determined to make it happen, somehow. After all, my aspiration for this year is: "Don't just dream and say it, do it." 星

At least in the end, I have tried. チョキ

Though coming back, there have also been many stressful and emo moments, moments where I felt alone, depressed, tired, wanting to give up and even wished I wasn't born - I'm thankful for all the good moments that brought me hope and happiness and the bad moments that somehow in the end made me stronger.

I never thought I'll be where I am today. I never thought I'll be who I am today. I never thought I'll be with the friends I have today. I never thought I'd do the things I did. かに座

Thank you to you. 音譜

HYD Raining

"Hello" vs "How are you~"

2011 - I'm a graduate にひひ , a soon-to-be working adult with お金 money worries, loans, debts, rent and who knows what else that comes with the package.

This is the life I return to in Malaysia. (`・ω・´)

Oh Adelaide, you were sweet to me and I miss you so ドキドキ , but the happy, carefree and 雪 four-season days are over and I'm back together with K.L - the sticky heat 晴れ , sucky バス public transportation, mass malls and of course, beloved family, friends and food. The 3Fs.

Us brainwashed transformed individuals have lots to compare with since our return ヽ( )`ε´( )ノ. Such as? Well, I've mentioned some of them already. What I have realized instead is a cultural note.

The "HELLO" vs "How are you~?"

For non-Malaysians, maybe you don't get what I'm talking but here I am, eyeing those of you with that blue card and the red passport. Or...well, if you have been to this country which I now re-reside, you might have an idea of what I'm talking about.

"Hello" in the general sense of the English dictionary's world is basically a greeting. (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

e.g. Miss Popular is on her way home with her groceries when she bumps into Mr Shy. Being her friendly self, she greets him with her loud and cheerful voice, " Hello, Mr. Shy!"

Not the best example of a sentence but you get the picture.

"HELLO" in the Malaysian context - well, yes, it's still a greeting but it's also used to capture attention. ヽ(*'0'*)ツ

e.g. Mr. Hungry is, well, obviously hungry ハンバーガー and is well on his way to losing his temper at the pace the restaurant staff is serving its customers. His nasi lemak seem to be taking forever to be delivered to his table. And then finally, the plate of the delicacy plunks itself roughly in frontof him and his face lights up. Until he realized something else. No cutlery. He waves his hand to a nearby mamak man, "Hello, Hello! Oyyy~~~"

Still not a great sentence example.

Aussies on the other hand, says "How are you~" naturally without really needing you to reply it. It's not so much as it's a question !? as it's a greeting. In the beginning I'd fumble around, wondering to reply and then give a quick mumble of a "I'm fine, thank you." ガーン

A friend of mine retold her friend's anecdote of how the first time he heard it and Mr.Howareyou was a say-and-run, the friend wanted to run あせる after the guy telling him how his whole day went.

Cut the story short, I actually find "Hello" a little too...unfriendly just to catch the mamak guy or whosever's attention.

Now, what was the point of this again? 汗

レイラ 音譜
Arashi together

Fundraising Effort

Hey hey theres,

So it seems arashi_on is doing their fundraising effortagain and I think it's a great way to get more support from everyone. I can't do much but I've decided to chip in a bit just in case anyone's interested.

Do check out my link here to what I'm offering and for you to see what you want to offer, if any interest at all.

BTW, if you guys didn't get what this is all about - the earthquake/tsunami/explosion, basically the disaster that happened...happening in Japan. What other better time is there to unite all human race? Although it shouldn't take people's suffering/misery to realize unity. But what the heck I know.

I hope it just stops.


Here and There: Blessing and Disaster

Time: 00:18
Location: Sydney

This morning Snowy and I decided to forget the journey of soul searching around to do a short film. We lazed around, chit chat, plan, take a bus, eat some lunch, look silly filming with others watching and all that.

I did some shopping. Met up with some friends. Had a delicious Korean BBQ and spicy kimchi/tofu soups. Went to Chinatown's night market. Bought the No. 1 item frm this popular bubble tea shop. And then took a bus back to Snowy's hostel.

Have showered. Rid of the BBQ smell and all, face not so oily, hair not so polluted.

This was my day.

My very blessed day.

At another part of the world, it's not so dandy and pop music. Earthquake, aftershocks, 8.9, tsunamis, alerts. Lives lost, lives missing, lives waiting. Waiting for it all to be over.

Japan, or apparently to be known as the Miyagi earthquake is terrible. The footage is terrifying.

For those who were like me and my friend today, I'm glad for our blessings and may it continue to remain so. For the others, I pray that they will soon be blessed as well.

Let it all stop. Please.

For everyone.



And all the other countries tht might be affected and the lives within.


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Aspiration 2011 #01

Hey Heys~~~

Peekaboo, originally uploaded by ochaki.

Happy 2011 *throws confetti* クラッカークラッカークラッカー. I know I'm a bit late in wishing whoever you are (since it's already like the 3rd week of January). I have had like tons of ideas and stuff ひらめき電球 I wanted to blog about but other real life commitments slash projects won my attention. 打ち上げ花火

I'm just gonna make this a real quick update because I've been having these tabs opened in my Safari パソコン for a couple of days already, as is other websites (like "wallpapers for iphones" and other random stuff).
First off, is my recommendation of Wong Fu Productions. If you haven't heard of them say what? youhaventhowcouldyouuu??!?, check out their website and youtube. They've got lots of amazing videos and stuff - and that includes talent. Now, they didn't pay me to speak the Good Word of them but since I've more free time now yeahbutnotenoughtoblogsomehow, I've been watching stuff on YouTube - and the funny ones get shared on Facebook.

So my good friend, Audrey recommended me to watch one of their work called "When Five Fell".

I watched it.

I read the Director's Commentary.

And I was amazed.

And she was right. That one masterpiece totally changed my perspective of them. If before it was a cup of hot Milo, it has now become a glass of ice Milo. 流れ星 Basically, it improved.

As a writer, as someone who also aspires to make films and whatever, THAT made me feel that I have a loooong way to go. Well, more so on the writing part because I know I would never have thought of something like that. Something that deep. Cinematography-wise, it's beautiful.

Another thing that's changed? I watched a couple of their other shorts - the older ones - and realized that I now have a fave Wong Fu member! Or maybe role model kinda way. Coz I realized I absolutely loved the few that was written and directed by Wesley Chan. 晴れ

I first watched WFP like maybe a year or two ago. Thinking back, it's amazing how much they've improved and how big they've grown (not in size but in their business or whatever). Jason says he feels 'demotivated' and wonders why he has no talent like that. For me, I feel more motivated by watching every video. Hopefully, one day I'll be great like that too. I still need more improving on my writing.

And that's one of my resolutions for 2011: Don't just say it, do it. Don't just dream it, make it.


--And that's one tab close. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
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Do A Good Deed (at least once a year)

A couple weeks back (maybe just one or two) Bernice had a garage sale at her place and most ofthe stuff on sale were just clothes. On the last week of her big sale, we went over, bringing someof the clothes our seniors left behind. We made a whopping total of AUD10 - split between me and Jason, that makes it AUD5 per person.

"We can eat Hungry Jacks already~" is what I said. ハンバーガー

Tania made an interesting comment as we stared at our massive piles of clothing we had all compiled together from our own cupboards and store rooms: "We're so commercialised, having so many things."

Materialism. Yeaps. It sure looks like we are victims of it. Buy Buy Buy. Nice Nice Nice. Sale Sale Sale. Me Like Me Like Me Like. 恋の矢

But even as I cleared my cupboard, scanning through and pondering over some pieces, I still find it hard to discard some. And believe me, I srsly need to do it. 得意げ 60kg worth of check in luggage doesn't even feel enough for the load in my room. And that's under dire circumstances where my parents have to resort to just 7kg for their own things. 音譜

One of the other things I pondered - to sell or to donate. Hmm. はてなマークはてなマーク

Well, since the garage sale didn't turn out to be the next great FCUK boutique ワンピース, obviously donation's the better option left. But hey, if I just think of it this way: I'm doing a good deed. グッド! And that makes me feel even better than getting 5 bucks by selling T-shirts for a buck a piece. お金

I found an ad that was asking for donation of clothes to a South Australian aboriginal community and emailed the guy. I'm hoping he would actually come but otherwise, we'll just dump them to the charity clothes bin at uni. ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ

Think about it! Stuff you don't need, give it to someone else who can't even afford it. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)